How it all started

Paper Bloom Girls was launched after we spent weeks learning how to make paper flowers for a relative’s baby shower. At the time, paper flowers were all over Pinterest and they were becoming a big trend overseas. We were both a little obsessed and desperately tried to find someone in New Zealand that makes them. Unfortunately (or fortunately in this case) we could not find anyone, so we set out to make them ourselves.

Since we are both creative, we welcomed the challenge. The problem was  that paper flowers are not easy to make but we were determined, and after a lot of trial and error we had our first flower! Success! We were so excited, we began experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and colours. The end result was a colourful collections of paper flowers that we were very proud of. 

We decided to arrange our bright paper flowers into an arch shape on the wall behind the cake. We wanted it to be the centre of attention. It is safe to say our paper flowers were a huge hit with all the guests at the baby shower. They could not stop raving about them and most of them spent the majority of the event taking photos. Word got out and we began receiving requests to make them for people. That was when we realised we needed to bring paper flower to New Zealand. Before long we started receiving requests from Australia as well, so in March 2017 we launched our website servicing both New Zealand and Australia.

Sometimes we look back at old photos and giggle at the way our flowers used to look. They have come a long way since then. We have worked so hard on perfecting the art of making our flowers and we are always looking for ways to improve the way they look.

We are so happy we got the opportunity to do something we love while working with our best friend. Some people might say we are living the dream and we could not disagree with them.


Tima & Rua